Strong point is knowledge of communication devices. It is a company specializing in technology related to functional structure and processing performance

We provide correction, mathematical analysis and data analysis technology to create analytical tools and visualize signal information

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2017年01月 Revised rubber chemical reaction analysis software
2017年03月 Developed communication audio restoration quality analysis software
2017年05月 Revised IoT over BLE software
2017年05月 Revised HiQuality Video distribution software
2017年06月 Revised Ultrasonic measuring software
2017年08月 Developed Nature Environmental monitoring software
2017年09月 Developed Heart Rate Respiration Analysis
2017年10月 Developed Pressure distribution Analysis System
2017年10月 Developed X-ray Exporsure Device software
2017年12月 Developed Logistics management system
2018年1月 Developed Blood analysis system for domestic persons
2018年2月 Developed Blood analysis system for domestic persons
2018年2月 Developed DNA analysis software
2018年3月 Developed Blood analysis system for world persons
2018年4月予定 Developed High definition image WebRTC software

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